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Skin Rejuvenation for Men: Shed the Old Sun Damage Layers Away

Skin Rejuvenation for Men: Shed the Old Sun Damage Layers Away

In the Baltimore Medi-Spa of Dr. Dean Kane, a complete therapeutic skin program is designed to provide complementary in-office evaluation and direction with at-home skin therapeutic regiments. “MEN WANT” an easy and value-driven anti-aging approach to keep their skin healthy, youthful and refreshed.



Dr. Dean Kane has created his own line of skin care products called EmerGe TM. These effective and value-driven cosmeceuticals effectively shed the old, dull, pigmented layers away leaving fresh new glowing skin in its place. A home care program that uses retinols and retinoids including Retin-A® is a powerful exfoliation system in which results are seen within 2-3 months of the home care treatments. While the EmerGe Skin Perfecting System is designed for both men and women, Dr. Kane and staff work individually with their male patients to specifically design the home program to work most efficiently on the thicker, more rudy complexion of men’s skin. Do to the diverse nature of Dr. Kane’s Practice, he has extensive experiences with the unique skin issue for men of color. The EmerGe System is especially effective to reduce the unwanted and uneven dark pigmentation as well as acne razor bumps resulting from shaving the thicker nature of beards of black men.

VI Peel for Men
Due to the thicker nature of men’s skin types Dr. Dean Kane’s Maryland Medi-Spa select the most appropriate facials and peels that will work best for their male patients. “MEN WANT” smooth, even color skin! The most common peel is the VI Peel because results are seen within 3 days of the application of the peel and does not require any down time from work or play. Dr. Dean Kane uses the VI Peel himself at least 3-4 times a year to get that fresh pick-me-up look. It is ideal for him as his skin tends to pigment easily from his prior beach bum days of his youth and it does not interfere in his busy surgical and creative art schedule. Again, this is the perfect peel for black men who want a quick fix to their pigmentation problems, without down time and obvious intervention.

IPL and Fractional Pixel Laser for Male Brown and Red Pigmentation Issues
“MEN WANT” easy skin care. So, for those men who wish for a non-DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to skin improvement and tightening, consider the use of light and laser therapies. IPL (intense pulsed light) is now the “gold standard” for non-retinoid reduction of skin spots, pigmentation, red blemishes, capillaries and Rosacia. Pixel Laser stimulates the dermal layers of the skin for tightening, smoothening and firming. Combined, them for added benefit and longer lasting results. Depending on the level of redness and brown pigmentation a series of 3 treatments are necessary to truly effectively reduce the red problems providing a smooth and even coloration for our male patients.

TCA or Obagi Blue Peel for Men
A stronger skin peel, the “Clear” TCA Peel or more commonly known Obagi Blue Peel ® is ideal for men who want to achieve a tightening of their facial skin, rid the signs of sun damage and brown aging spots and truly turn back the clock. Dr. Kane himself has had many TCA Peels over the years especially post summer hiking trips and beach trips to reverse the damaging effects of the sun and the laxity of aging. This peel does require conditioning of the skin with Dr. Kane’s EmerGeTM home program with Retin A prior to the peel. There is also a 5 day down time where the skin sheds deep outer layers of the skin similar to a snake shedding its outer skin. The results are fantastic leaving a man’s face with a fresh new layer of pink, glowing, smooth and tight skin. The peel’s effects last up to a year especially when men are compliant and return to their EmerGeTM home care program to continue the exfoliation and stimulation process. (Dean’s before and after pictures). While African American Men are not eligible for many laser treatments, the TCA Peel is truly ideal for black skin in which it reduces the pigmentation, acne and tightens the face all within one treatment.

Facials for Men
Facials in the Medi-Spa of Dr. Dean Kane are always a wonderful way to be pampered and achieve a truly therapeutic exfoliation effect at the same time. Dr. Kane rolled out the red carpet of facials when he created his signature: “The Plastic Surgeon’s Facial” TM. Having visited many exclusive Spa’s in New York, Arizona, Hawaii and Europe, Dr. Kane enjoys the pampering effects of facials and created his signature facial in his Baltimore Medi-Spa. The Plastic Surgeon’s facial is the ultimate in exfoliation, moisturizing and rejuvenating the face with anti-oxidants while feeling like you are in heaven. This elaborate facial incorporates a sonic brush cleansing followed by a microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation of the masculine thick skin. A special moisturizing treatment includes a sonic infusion of rich anti-oxidant creams to replace nutrients into the newly cleansed skin. This facial is completed with the ultimate pampering of a massage to the head, scalp, face and neck. For more details about this red carpet facial: “The Plastic Surgeon Facial”TM as well as our broad list of other available facials for both men and women, click here.